The Looking Glass

Stairway to heaven | by Tadej.

By Kiddo-W


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Workout buddies come in all sizes.


Effie Trinket + not being oblivious to the Capitol’s true nature

“I’m not sure. I just wanted to hold them accountable, if only for a moment,” says Peeta. “For killing that little girl.”

“This is dreadful.” Effie sounds like she’s about to cry. “That sort of thinking … it’s forbidden, Peeta. Absolutely. You’ll only bring down more trouble on yourself and Katniss.

vikings 2x05

"It’s true to life."

"And art?"

"It isn’t art."

Caravaggio (Derek Jarman, 1986)

I severely miss the South Park fandom but too scared to ever come back. : (

I miss it too, though Stick of Truth might be giving it the bump it needs. But Anoneplicator, this ask breaks my heart!

Don’t ever EVER let fear stop you from doing something. The only reason you shouldn’t do something is because it hurts you or other people.

The only reason I’m not turning out fics (for any fandom) right now is because RL is shockingly busy. 

And whatever reason you’re afraid - I’m with you, okay? You’re not alone. :)



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